Our focus is to optimize your path to the customer.

Antoma consists of experienced professionals who previously held management positions in various ICT-companies. Accordingly, we have thorough experience in change management and business development with a focus to create business revenue and profit, often through dealer and distributors. During our 14 years as consulting firm with more than 100 customers, we have created an extensive toolbox of insights and knowledge.

Our role is to help you select and define your Go-to-Market Model

Our role is to quickly find the most profitable way to your customers, which means that we optimize your localized Go-to-Market model, regardless if it is through direct sales, indirect sales, digital channels, or a mix of all.

For leaders where growth is focus

Our services suit management teams having a clear focus on growth and are brave enough to explore new opportunities to win customers and market share. Over the years we have worked with customers in many different industries and in different stages regarding sales and marketing strategies.

Market leaders in optimizing sales and marketing

Our mission is to develop and optimize your sales and marketing channels to create efficiency and loyalty. We are driven by the vision to be the leading expert that combines established sales and marketing models with all the new digital opportunities.

Certified consultants and competence network

Our methodology is based on Antoma’s proven working models and tools. With our extensive cluster of specialist partners and certified Antoma consultants throughout the country, we have the experience and capacity to take on large countrywide projects, as well as focused local projects.


We are the leading Nordic business advisor when you want operational excellence in your sales and marketing channel.


Antoma AB
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